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Phone or whatsapp: 01277 886101

Frequently asked questions:

  • Who are Tubz-Hire

    • Tubz-Hire or ‘Tubz’ are your go-to Hot Tub Party organisers. At Tubz, we are all about providing the best solution for your party needs. Along with our clean, relaxing and easy to set up Tubz, why not enjoy the experience with a couple of bottles of prosecco, crate of beers or even watch your favourite football team or series with our cinema set up! Extras can all be supplied to help improve and transform your Tubz experience to make sure we meet you again.

  • Can you Deliver to me?

    • Our professional Tubz team cover predominantly Essex, but also parts of North and East London & Kent. If you’re based in that sort of area then Yes we do! Our inflatable tubs mean we can set up in almost every location, no worries about access. Please contact us with your postcode for more details 

  • Is there anything that I need to set up?

    • Glad you asked! Yes there are a couple of bits which are essential if you want to book one of out amazing Tubz.

      • Firstly, the tub takes up a space of 2mx2m… So, that would be needed.

      • Secondly, the Tub needs to be NO MORE than 7m to a plug socket! (no extension cables) 

      • Third, an outdoor tap is preferred but if not, then we can connect our tap extensions to your kitchen tap if needed (to fill up the tub).

      • Fourth – After your hire term, we need to drain the water from the Tub so an outdoor drain would be required (again; we could use the kitchen sink/toilet drain if needed).

      • Please note the hot tub can take 18-24 hours to fully heat up and chemicals to settle. This is why we deliver weekend and weekday tubs a day earlier (Thursday and Sunday)

  • How long can I hire the Tubz for?

    • We have a minimum hire of 3 days. So, you can hire out our Tubz over Fri-Sun for example. In this example, we will drop of and set up the Tubz on the Thursday Evening ready to use on the Friday! Alternatively, the majority of our customers would rather enjoy the experience over a 5 or even 7 day week starting on a Sunday. So… we have some flexibility and can negotiate to accommodate your party needs!

  • How much do they cost?

    • Why not check out our Package’s page to find out how much they cost for rentals. They vary dependant on packages based on size of Tubz, equipment supplied and length of rental.

  • Isn’t there chemicals or something we need for the Tub?

    • Indeed, you do! But don’t panic, all of the chemicals are supplied by us and we sort out all on the chemicals for the Tub on the initial set up. After that, we give you all the chemicals you need to keep the Tub in good health. All the Do’s and Do not’s are explained to you on set up with a really easy to understand instruction manual which we supply. If you need anymore help over the rental period, just give us a call! We are not that scary 😉

  • Regarding COVID-19… is there any precautions we need to take? Or you guys?

    • According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19. So we need to make you aware that all Tubz are cleaned after each rental thoroughly with Anti-bacterial spray to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Furthermore, we are wearing facemasks, gloves and insiting on social distancing.

  • Are Children allowed?

    • Hot tubs are not toys, and therefore Children under 10 are not advised to use the hot tub. Any children near or in the tub should be supervised by an adult at all times and at the adults discretion. The lid of the hottub must be on when not in use.

  • My Question is not listed: 

    • Review our terms and conditions (listed at the bottom of the page) or contact us through the details on how contact us page.​